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The Benefits of the NuuED Experience

How NuuED’s Adaptive Learning Technology helps children improve in reading and other subjects

NuuED Independently-validated Study, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Vallejo, California


  • Can be applied in all subject areas
  • Raised reading levels by 70% in two weeks
  • Increased ability for scholarships
  • Easy to use
  • Boosts confidence levels
  • Improves state standardized scores
  • Helps ESL students
  • Discovers the best time of day to study
  • Identifies learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides recommendations of content that is custom-tailored to the individual
Open the Door to Future Jobs with
The Learning Objective Guide
NuuEd’s Learning Objective Guide helps prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow by showing the best ways for them to learn as individuals.

Helps students prepare for tests and assessments

Helps parents and teachers understand the student

Helps parents communicate with teachers

1) Once you get the results of your free Learning Personality Analysis

you are eligible to purchase a full report which helps provide a roadmap toward your future success. The full Learning Objective Guide provides a deep look into your analysis results, and also identifies some of the dynamic steps you can take to get you ready to enjoy and prosper in your future job.

2) The Learning Objective Guide reveals

  • A deep dive into your unique learning style
  • Early indicators of your aptitudes
  • Current strengths
  • Areas where you have the opportunity to grow in order to be successful in the next few years
  • Customized learning strategies

Your next action?

3) Next Action:

Share the Learning Objective Guide with parents, educators, or the person responsible for your business training. Additional learning solutions from NuuED use the results of your Learning Personality Analysis and your Learning Objective Guide to provide customized learning in all areas of education and improvement.
As learners continue to use solutions from NuuED, the technology platform automatically adapts and expands to meet the changing needs of each user. Customized content is delivered to each learner, based on their unique ability to process and retain information.

Get your full Learning Objective Guide Today.

Unlock the door to the job of your future.

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The English Reading and Comprehension Solution

Comprehensive and Customized

Professional and personal success is amplified by English language literacy.

The English Reading Solution from NuuED is an interactive, customized learning experience designed to help users improve English reading and comprehension.

It provides a learning experience based on each user's unique Educational Credit Score. 

Key to Future Success

  • Customized to the individual learning style of each user
  • Learn on any Internet-connected screen
  • English reading and comprehension improve all other areas of learning
  • Adapts to the progress of each individual user

If you, your child, or your organization can benefit from an educational platform that acknowledges and addresses individual learning diversity in a new and innovative way,

The Power of the NuuED Adaptive Learning Platform

Learning Personality

An overview of the advanced analytical tool

NuuED Solutions

Personalized learning for a variety of subjects

Advanced Technology

The methods and tech behind the NuuED platform

Learning Personality

The Learning Personality Analysis is an easy-to-use, advanced analytical tool used to establish a guideline on how someone learns best. The analysis provides a chart that highlights various key areas which make up a unique Learning Personality.

The service then analyzes these areas, which include

  • Learning styles
  • Cognitive skills
  • Environmental factors

This analysis results in a Learning Objective Guide, which provides a baseline for the learning needs of the individual user. The guide reveals the best approaches and applications of content, tools, and processes which will improve the user’s skills and levels of learning.

Based on years of advanced science in the areas of education, psychology, and cognitive skills analytics, the Learning Personality Analysis incorporates advanced technologies, cluster analytics, and correlative analytics methods to provide a strong baseline that helps guide the understanding of how someone learns best.

How would knowing your Learning Personality change the way you study?
The free Learning Personality Analysis only takes a few minutes to get results and requires no training.
  • Before NuuED – Reading at a 2nd grade level
  • With NuuED – Reading at a 7th grade level

NuuED Solutions

Learning solutions are focused on specific educational subjects in learning, training, or certification. Methodologies and curriculum for each subject-specific solution are built around 3 simple, ‘core’ steps which prove effective, particularly when combined with adaptive learning technologies.

  • Step 1:  Subject Analysis
  • Step 2:  The Analysis Guide
  • Step 3:  Skills Improvement

Advanced Technology

NuuED solutions technology and methodology have been proven via actual use case studies which, to date, demonstrate an average of 70% increase in skill and level improvement. NuuED solutions stem from proven technologies in big data analytics, behavioral analytics, and correlative analytics.


NuuED Inc. provides a platform of online services which help learners, students, and trainees of all ages improve their skills.

Our services employ continuous user analytics and adaptive learning technologies to discover and refine the unique "learning fingerprint" of each user, and custom-tailors content for each user according to the manner in which they learn best.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, our global delivery platform serves learners of all ages, everywhere.

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