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NuuED Score is an educational tool designed to help people learn according to their unique Learning Personality. 

It all starts with a free Education Credit Score, appropriate for any age or background.


What’s on your Learning Playlist?

Individual, personalized, customized for you.  What if you could learn at your own speed, in the way that was best for no one but yourself?

We are all unique individuals who learn differently.  These differences can sometimes make it hard for us to navigate through a traditional educational system and a social structure which are designed for the masses, rather than for the individual.

Learners, life-long

 Our goal at NuuED  is to give everyone easily-accessible tools which address individual learning diversity in a fun and interactive way. 

We amplify and magnify your learning abilities and skills.

Success in School

To achieve academic success, you must be dedicated, disciplined, and driven, but also be wise enough to use any support services and educational tools available.

The NuuED Education Credit Score is an educational tool designed to help you learn according to your unique Learning Personality. It helps you monitor your progress and measures your efforts.

It can also provide you with worksheets, key facts, practice tests, and other materials that are tailored just for you! It can connect you with resources as well, like local libraries and tutoring centers in your area.

Career Path

Learning for your career path can be overwhelming. NuuED Career makes you the center of your efforts toward career success.

The NuuED Education Credit Score identifies the way you learn best and then delivers information customized for you, based on those results.

This innovative and individualized approach to career learning empowers you to be more successful in your certification studies, career training, educational research, or educational courses

Individual learning modules, available from NuuED, provide instruction that is tailor-made to your individual learning style.  Each module is offered as an affordable, yearly subscription.


Yould will build confidence in your ability to learn, based on an understanding of your individual style.  You will know the best types of content and tools to use when you want to learn or improve. This is very empowering.

Excitement about your own educational pathway leads to more positive experiences and participation at school.

Share your Learning Personality with the people who teach you–they will better be able to select courses, content, tools, assessments, and a richer learning path to support your learning journey.


Self-knowledge is very empowering. A person who gains more control and understanding of their strengths will improve their comprehension and skills.

Sharing Education Credit Score results with your teacher will empower them to understand you as an individual and engage more effectively.

Your parents and instructors will better understand how you learn, and how to help you progress.


A safe environment which acknowledges and accepts who people are creates trust and open communication.

NuuED provides a safe learning environment for each learner. You can learn and improve at your own pace.

Those who need to will receive reports and other information securely, without exposing confidential information.

Ashley, a student at Ben Franklin Middle School in Vallejo, California

My reading level increased by two years in 6 weeks! I started at a 6th grade reading level. I am currently at an 8th grade reading level. In the beginning, I thought I was a visual learner. Now I learned that I am actually a verbal learner.

“From beginning to end, my NuuED experience was great.  At the end, I knew my learning style. I knew my reading level. I knew how I learn best.

“NuuED Score has made me realize that we actually have the potential to become something in the future. Thank you for giving me and my classmates this life-changing experience.”

Dr. Sharon Burton, author, expert in Learning Development and Change Management

“Learning and development are fundamental to success. Learning can be as challenging as it is exhilarating. Focused learning drives success. NuuED Inc.’s Education Credit Score is a resource to help learners succeed. 

“Gaining knowledge within a comfortable arena will help learners better acclimate to their learning atmosphere. Additionally, this academic tool can aid learners in feeling more joy and confidence in their abilities and capabilities to succeed and strive in the learning environment.

“This self-confidence aids in preparation, development, and maintaining an eye on the end goal, which is learning.”

Proven Results


If you, your family, or your organization can benefit from an educational platform that acknowledges and addresses individual learning diversity in a new and innovative way,


NuuED Inc. provides a platform of online services which help learners, students, and trainees of all ages improve their skills.

Our services employ continuous user analytics and adaptive learning technologies to discover and refine the unique "learning fingerprint" of each user, and custom-tailors content for each user according to the manner in which they learn best.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, our global delivery platform serves learners of all ages, everywhere.

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