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Proven standards in artificial intelligence, data analytics, behavioral analytics and correlative analytics

Spiral Learning Solutions

Taking the free Learning Personality Analysis is the first step toward true personalized learning.

NuuED’s Learning Personality Analysis reveals how your Learner, Student, or Trainee learns best. NuuED can further provide you with a Learning Objective Guide to help you and your learner’s Educators and Instructors provide personalized and differentiated instruction to your Learner, Students or Trainee.

NuuED’s Learning Solutions combine constant, ongoing analysis with the Learning Objective Guide to provide customized, adaptive instruction on specific subjects.

NuuED combines the ongoing analysis, guide, and solutions to provide users with a customized education.  Individualized content and customized tools for skills improvement are tremendously powerful. Your Learner, Student or Trainee can improve in a way that is personalized to them.

How Spiral Solutions Work

Spiral’s solutions are focused on specific educational subjects in learning, training, or certification where a learner, student, or trainee uses the Spiral solutions to improve skills and levels. Spiral helps for each subject-specific solution with 3 easy ‘core’ steps that have been proven and are effective.

Spiral solutions technology and methodology have been proven via actual use case studies which to date demonstrate an average of 70% increase in skill and level improvement.

The Spiral solutions stem from proven technologies in artificial intelligence, data analytics, behavioral analytics and correlative analytics.

Core Step #1: Subject Analysis

Spiral’s Subject Analysis involves an easy, level specific and interactive skills evaluation where the Learner interacts with Spiral and the interaction is recorded. Afterwards, Spiral analyzes the interaction and produces the Analysis Guide. The analysis includes the user’s Learning Personality in the process.

Core Step #2: Analysis Guide

Improving your skills requires an understanding of where your skill levels are today. Many educational and learning systems and methods require the use of their analysis tools. Most of those other good systems use ‘standard’ models of analysis that are not personalized to the individual’s Learning Personality.

Spiral’s subject-specific Analysis Guide also provides learners with a schedule of ongoing analysis to keep track of their improvement according to your level.

Spiral provides an Analysis Guide that learners can use to enhance and differentiate the results from ‘standard’ assessments.

Core Step #3: Skills Improvement

Spiral’s Skills Improvement step utilizes the results of the subject-specific Assessment Guide and finds content and tools that the Learner can use to increase skills in a specific subject.

Advanced Technology

Personalized educational solutions from NuuED benefit from a rich combination of advanced technologies.

Everything we do is built to amplify and magnify human endeavor.


  • The latest cybersecurity technology keeps users secure.
  • Each Spiral user has unique ID and password access.
  • Spiral data and user information is encrypted and securely backed up, and the Spiral platform lives on secure cloud architecture with industry-level physical and virtual protection.
  • No Spiral data is shared with non-authorized users.

Access on Any Connected Screen

  • Spiral is available anywhere in the world, via the internet.
  • Spiral works on PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.


  • Spiral’s unique method of communication, using images and multimedia, provides users of all ages and backgrounds with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Spiral engages the user with an interactive and smooth flow.
  • Spiral’s interface is designed to limit the need for instructional use and training.


  • Spiral’s reports from analysis provide very useful information and guiding facts to the Parents / Guardians / Sponsors and the Educators / Instructors.
  • Learners / Students / Trainees get a great benefit from the reports by being able to see and understand what their skill levels, strengths, and challenges are for a subject.
  • The reports are prepared immediately at the end of each analysis session. The layout is illustrative and easy to follow.


  • Spiral provides notifications on progress, success and performance.
  • This allows Parents / Guardians / Sponsors to support their Learner / Student / Trainees and stay connected to their learning journey.
  • Educators / Instructors will benefit greatly from the Spiral notifications so they can enhance their differentiated learning game plan and progress.
  • Notifications are also directed at Learners / Students / Trainees with supporting and encouraging content from their Parent / Guardian / Sponsor.

Progress Tracking

  • Spiral tracks the Learner / Student/ Trainee’s use of the analysis, analysis, content, and tools.
    Tracking updates the Learner / Student / Trainee’s progress and provides useful information on subject differentiation.
  • Educators / Instructors and Parents / Guardians / Sponsors can use the Tracking Reports to measure progress and fine-tune guidance.
  • As the Learner / Student / Trainee progresses and improves with Spiral from level to level, Tracking Reports can be used for academic and job-related certification support.


  • Administrators, Educators/Instructors and Parents / Guardians / Sponsors can manage the use of Spiral for their family’s, groups, sites and individual Learners / Students / Trainees.
  • Scheduling of analysis is managed via individual calendars.
  • Distribution of reports and notification of qualified recipients are administered by the account owner.
  • Access and security settings are administered by the account owner.


  • Spiral features several user roles. All connected to the Learner / Student / Trainee.
    The Parent / Guardian / Sponsor is usually the account owner under one of the subscription plans. The account owner administrates the account by assigning users and managing the information about the account.
  • Sponsors may be Administrators or assign that role.
    Educators / Instructors have access to the account for a Learner / Student / Trainee and are assigned by the account Administrator. Their role is to oversee how the Learner / Student / Trainee is progressing and to integrate Spiral into their plans for the same.
  • Additionally, the reporting and tracking reports will be useful in this role as tools for school or organization, as well as management purposes.
  • The Learner / Student / Trainee role is the main user and their progressive use of Spiral for one or more areas of subject improvement over the course of their academic/vocational education will be a constant companion and helper.


NuuED Inc. provides a platform of online services which help learners, students, and trainees of all ages improve their skills.

Our services employ continuous user analytics and adaptive learning technologies to discover and refine the unique "learning fingerprint" of each user, and custom-tailors content for each user according to the manner in which they learn best.

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